Thursday, April 12, 2007

Race spoils

(left, Was it this Priority Health racer that did the snow dance Saturday? Photo by JB love2ride. )

I think I have this guy's rain jacket. He was one of many who started the inaugural US Open Pro race in Williamsburg with snow gear only to shed it in Richmond 50 miles later. I found the jacket at the top of the Euro-style cobblestone Libby Hill and have sinced bleached out the road grit. I plan to wear it next time it snows here. It may be a while considering the last time I saw snow here in southeastern Virginia prior to Saturday was a dusting during another race in 2006.

The twisted weather has been documented and documented. I can only say that it was one thing to have snow. It was another thing to see the race telecast for 2.5 hours on NBC. The coverage was impressive and made me proud of my home state. I said HEY to the Governor who was at the finish line, to Bob and Al, and to the 3 Colavita women who domintated the women's event. Andrea Dvorak and Iona Wynter-Parks pulled off a near-perfect team lead out for Tina Pic who won. Both Tina and Andrea are UVA graduates.


JB said...

Who IS that guy? Couldn't figure it out either. Nice tan for this early in the year. Thought it might've been Xer Ben J-M. But now I'd have to guess Emile Abraham. Being from Trinidad he'd have a reason to be all jacked up about the snow - and to have nice tan.

Here's the link for that photo

Great ride today! Glad you made it out.

Kevin said...

Happy Birthday, Liz!

Liz Schleeper said...

Thanks Kevin!