Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back to the Farm

Did Poor Farm Spring Cup Sunday, my first race of the year. No one was acclimated to the first 80+ degree day of the year, but that made it even more interesting. I knew it was going to be hot , so for every sip of wine I drank celebrating my birthday the night prior, I would drink a glass of water. Seemed to help keep me in the race. I also credit my mechanic, Josh (above), because that Cannondale has never been so responsive and perfect on the trails.

Mt bike races make me feel so AWAKE and alive, like a hunted animal. That fizzled out on the drive home though, so I had to pull into a rest stop for a 15 minute NAP. (Woods Photos by JMK Photography)


Kevin said...

Good onya Liz! MTBiking is definately tops in my books! And Josh is good stuff, Love me some Josh!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have done Poor Farm, but my mission this spring is to get out of Cat 5.
Speaking of Josh, I need to go see the man.

Rob said...

happy b-day, liz! i wish that i had made it out there- how'd you do? hear josh is riding mountain bikes these days-- maybe i'll give bmx a shot...maybe

Jim said...

Hey thanks for the kind words re: torpedoing the D-20 Carl Dolan flamewar. It's nice to be appreciated!

Good work in the race.