Sunday, April 01, 2007

Oh, Art

Not sure why none of my blogging comrades picked up on this one, but here he is. Injured but not to be held down, Art. I wonder a few things 1--who took this photo 2--why the tt bike and not crit bike 3--was the powertap wheel really necessary?


Anonymous said...

Why Liz, you mean to tell me you don't know about the intricacies of downsteps cycling? You use a TT bike because regardless of what befalls you, for once you aren't exhausted at the end of it, and that's a bit of sweetness amidst all the bitterness. You use the powertap to keep track of your heart rate until the paramedics get there. Plus it's always fun to eventually look at the graph and note, "that's when I crashed".

The main point of downstep cycling is that while truth may be stranger than fiction, it's far less glorious. I had planned on competing in my first race since the crash on Saturday. Friday night Barb told me to be careful, but how careful did I have to be for a TT? The oracle could have told me to watch out for invisible, frictionless banana peels placed precariously on my steps that would trigger a brief and ignominious event as I carried my bike clothes, a map to the race, and the bottle of Ibuprofen I would soon need. That's gonna leave a mark.

Actually it left the marks of two stair nosings on the back that had suffered a couple of broken ribs and a collapsed lung a month before. I'm sore today, but it's my poor ego that took the brunt of the fall.

I won't bore you with the details of the Photoshopping (actually Paint-Shop-Proing; real catchy phrase), but I took all photographs.

I must say I liked my title of "Real racers do it on the stairs" better than yours, but when the Oracle learned of my fall from grace her first words were, "Oh, Art!"

Liz Schleeper said...

Well, to start, I thought the photo was the real thing! I guess I should say "great job" but wait you still went down, just not as gracefully. Really, you need to start your own blog w/ writing like that. Impressive.

Anonymous said...

i'm speechless

Kevin said...

Art says"how can you be Anonymously speechless"?

I forgot to get my picture going up the stairs...