Wednesday, March 28, 2007

There goes the blogger-hood

So as a coping mechanism to get through school, I try to write about cycling for my classes. Why? So that I don’t have to write about. . . other stuff. . . not as interesting, ya know. I looked up some info about blogs so that I could write about all these cycling blogs I read and I found this here study:

It was not surprising to find this diagram in the article that shows linking networks in blogs:

But what is up with this:

And this:

Are those of us who function at the blogger-grade reading level supposed to be able to figure this out?


Kevin said...

Blogger-Hood sounds cool!

Captain Caveman said...

how goes school liz? and how much time left? i know i've not posted much in my blog forever! but i did put up something about my racing from last year...tell me what ya think