Thursday, November 15, 2007

Woods Bite Back

So we're just barely riding along (maybe 2 mph) after a regroup on Ipswitch trails when a boom-a-rang-shaped stick snatched Tom's bike. It yanked the derailer and hanger off in a second. >>>>>>

No one in our group of 6 had a chain tool to take out links to make a singlespeed. We waited for rescue by the other 10, but the sole chain tool among them was a broken one. (Photo by Mike Park.)


Tom's tattoo (or am I referencing the wrong arm?) says in Chinese something about friends sticking around through trouble, so the idea to have him call a taxi for a ride home seemed a little out of context. >>>>>>

(Found out that the right arm pictured says, "Knowledge is power" and the left arm text not seen says, "Never forget your friends.")

The guys took turns towing him on the road back with pushes and stick pulls. Fun to watch them get him over the Campostella Bridge.

Read about the politics of spelling derailer.

Info about the Wed night ride from Conte's Norfolk to Ipswich trails.

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Unknown said...

Sounds very familiar. Maybe more of us need to carrier chain tools that work. Did nobody learn from the VBW Vet. Day ride? Check out my blog for a very similar story.