Sunday, November 18, 2007

757 CX @ Trashmore

These kids shared in the future of cyclocross racing today at Mount Trashmore. Brett in the green won the GC.

Rob and Kevin shared a bike after both of theirs broke in a crash. The 757 CX cooperation has never been more evident.

Lots of people including Robert shared their talents to make the race happen.

Some folks shared the hill. That's Amanda home from JMU and Young Mark.

Others shared a bench.

And we all shared the pain. Tony did 2 races, ouch.

Here are some race photos someone took. (Gilbert perhaps?)


Marco said...

Liz - Thanks for the great picture of Brett! I don't think he understood that he was suppose to dismount over the barrier...he just plowed over it and kept going.

He was pretty happy about winning but very mad I didn't let him go in the skate park after the race!

Liz Schleeper said...

Sure, Marc, and thanks very much for officiating all day! I saw him hit that barrier in his mad dash. I can tell he plays hockey. And I could see him getting a 'tude about being locked outside that skate park!

Jennifer Shockley said...

All of you guys & gals did such an amazing job with the race this weekend! Great racing Liz... you, Carol & Sally really rocked on the mountain! I was bummed that I couldn't race -- just my luck, I had to pick up a cold the week prior. I look forward to racing with you all next year :)