Friday, October 08, 2010

Sorry, can't resist

As Lance Armstrong said in a Jay Leno interview back in 2006, the no-hands salute at the line is something found at all levels of racing.  He said Jay could go to any weekend bike race in New Jersey and watch the winner raise his hands at the finish line.  What's really significant, he said, is when another guy skirts around the presumed winner and takes it at the line.  Fast forward, Oct 2010, on a Chesapeake Farm in the mud in a Cat 4 men's race.  Guess who took the win above?  . . . . ok, so Mike Baldwin on the right did not overtake Robert Netsch at the line, but the photo sure illustrates a common malady of raising hands a moment too soon.


Bill C. said...

Obviously there is also the now infamous picture of Cameron raising his arms while Dan King nips him at the line at the finish of the Bay Days Crit.

Honestly I've alway felt it's disrespectful to the rest of the field. I've never raised my hands at the line - goes back to my college track coach who beat into our heads over 4 years of running "act like you done it before, act like you're going to do it again."

Liz Schleeper said...

That's the photo I wanted to put in there but it would contradict my "be nice" moto (though Cam couldn't care less I am sure).