Thursday, September 30, 2010

Broad Creek Bike Fair

1--Wes built 2 bikes with bike parts and frames donated, and we had two whole bikes donated. Money from 95.7 R&B bought a bike to raffle. Jeff Brown coordinated the sponsorship. 5 total bikes given away.

2--Local cyclists donated 12 helmets and thanks to 95.7 R&B we were able to purchase 50 more helmets. 62 helmets total given away!

3--Nearly every bike in the neighborhood needed maintenance, and thanks to your donations and Wes Cheney and Rich Hutsko turning the wrench for 2 straight hours, every child rode away rather than walked away! Books on Wheels, a nonprofit repair bus from Richmond, provided 2 awesome mechanics, Shelly and -- and parts also. Estimated 60 bikes serviced.

4--The HIT of the day: cycling jerseys, socks, gloves, jackets, spandex shorts! We have nothing left over! The Fat Frogs gear and Tripower flame gear were the most sought after. Estimated 75 articles of cycling clothing given away!

5--Katrina Hutsko, Bethany Cahill, Dan Innaker, Keith Johnson, Nick Tempest, Bill Woodhouse all worked to fit kids to clothes, fit helmets and work on bikes! Great job to YMCA staff and Books on Wheels also.

6--The biggest HIT of the day: Bike parade, led by Mike Park. What a riot.


kelley said...

wow. I had no idea that they'd like bike clothes so much. i would have thought they might think that stuff is too adult and uncool. :)

Liz Schleeper said...

Kelly, I was not sure how the stuff would be received either but they absolutely loved it! I had the spandex shorts in a bag and thought we'd never break into it, but it was gone.

kelley said...

i love the photos. they all look so fantastically happy with all the bright clothes on. makes me want to buy discounts off nashbar just to give them away next year. ;)