Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mountains of Misery

I am heading to the Mountains of Misery for the first time since 2006.  It is a gorgeous mountain century that ends at the top of a category 1 climb to Mountain Lake, one the two natural lakes in Virginia.  I have gotten away from this ride that used to be one of my favorites.  The last time I did it, Lori Lucero was travelled with me.  We always had great fun doing the mountain centuries--Mitchell, Grandfather (Bridge to Bridge), and Misery.  Her mental toughness was always an inspiration to me.  I miss her and dedicate this ride to her.
UPDATE:  Finish time 7:41
2010 Goal:  7:45
Previous times:
2006  7:03
2005  7:12
2004  7:26
2003  7:52
2001  7:06

The weekend promises to be an adventure.  Jean Troutman is hosting Bethany and me in the cabin she built which is located near the town of Pembroke just outside of Jefferson National Forrest.  She sent us some interesting information about the cabin, including these happy thoughts:

Because it is in the wilderness, there are critters around. Deer, bear, bobcat, coyote, weasels, skunks, snakes, to name a few. (A mountain lion has been seen in my neighbor’s driveway). Food has to be kept inside or they will relieve you of it. Mice sometimes run around in the cabin’s attic at night. Although it is heavily baited, some still get in. Bring earplugs if the sound of little feet bother you. The neighbor's cattle sometimes get out and wander around the property, too.


2drunk2shift said...

Liz, six of us are riding at Freedom tomorrow around 3:30 till about seven. If your interested. We have been going most tuesdays if your interested email me, or show up.

Unknown said...

Wow! That's great, after how many years, you're able to visit Mountain of Misery again. Hope you've got some amazing time out in the mountains. Cheers!

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Unknown said...

Lucky you've been able to visit Mountains of Misery again. Hope you've got amazing time when you where there. Thanks for the share. Cheers!


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