Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ride or Blog?

As JB once said, this blog ain't dead yet.  I have been in transition mode with finishing the school year, changing jobs and putting my house on the market.  I have been riding mostly in Norfolk and looking for every excuse to avoid the Bully ride in Chesapeake where I think I would get dropped from even the B group. I lost my camera which I used in tandem with my blog posts.  I got attacked by bees and ticks last time I went to Freedom Park.  My long trusted Ksyrium rear wheel cracked.  I am going to do the Ironmountain 100, the 62 mile mountain bike race in Damascus, VA on July 11 and will see Mt. Rogers the first time since childhood.  That's the update.

The Monday 6pm East Coast Bikes ride is pretty good, and we (Tripower) are again hosting a B-C ride on Wednesdays 6pm from Conte's Bikes in Norfolk. On June 3, Wes Cheney and Bruce Drees joined the Bike Snob on Hear Say by Cathy Lewis, a local radio program that can be heard here.  On June 5, we promoted the 13th edition of the Amphibious Assault Crit on Little Creek Base.  It's amazing that I have kept two of my best friends, Susan and Robert, for all these years of promoting races and them wanting to kill me in the process!  I think we had as much fun as the racers out there.  (Photos by BJ Samuel)

Oh well, what I have learned about writing is that it is too overwhelming to try to document the past.  It is better just to pick up where I am and look for the next thing to write about.

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all my best blogs never make it to press, tommorrow alwayz comes to soon........