Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Share the road from the road

Oh, the immediacy of mobile uploads from the Peloton to Facebook. There's Mike Park sending a photo during the Monday night ride.

Photos no longer are a shadow of what has passed but a stretched road marker telling us the sun lays low and moves toward the winter solstice. (Photo by Mike Park)

Like here, you can't help but think that the sun shining on these women at RAGBRAI is the same sun shining outside the office window, darn it. Are all mobile uploads even necessary? (Mike Park)

The question becomes is it more offensive to deal with those riding in the paceline in aerobars or with those sending mobile uploads from the paceline? (Photo by Jerry Hadley)

And what about the potential of Tim's wife finding out from Facebook he wiped out on the Bully ride before getting the call to meet Tim at Urgent Care? Do we need to add mobile notifications to rider emergency ID bracelets? (Jerry Hadley)

Or the expediency of earning nicknames, such as Michelle Dinsmore naming Kevin "the urinater" when she saw this mobile upload and banning him from her family vehicle while the team was 150 miles from home in said vehicle? Kevin's actually cutting edge since Virginia has closed several rest stops, but he's still banned from what I hear. (Jerry Hadley)

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