Monday, August 24, 2009

Not always about the bike

It's not always all about the bike. Well, ok, we all did get a ride in before coming to the beach. I calculate 520 combined weekend miles from this group prior to the beach party Sunday afternoon.
(L-R, Jackie, Sharon, Brenna, Carol, Sally, Anette, Susan, Liz, Lisa, Meaghann)

Brenna checks out team cake designed by Jennifer.

Carol hangs with the beach boa.

Jackie, Sally, Annete back from the best waves of the year thanks to Hurricane Bill.

Tripower's 2 omnium winners, Sharon and Sally toast their Swedish chocolate awards. Sharon won Virginia's 40+ championship omnium and Sally won the cat 1-3 omnium.

Our chefs Art, McMahon and Hosang.

Dinner at dusk.

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