Friday, August 14, 2009

Back off bully

It's pretty tempting not to bully ride the cross bike outlaw on the gravel stretches where Norfolk is laying track for light rail. This section is between Military Hwy and Newtown Road.

The Tues night Great Bridge "Bully ride" hosts the best riders in the area, including here Bryan Sorrell, Harlan Ward and Tyler Karnes.

Back off from Tristan because when she finally discovers the big ring we are all in trouble.

A clandestine committee is planning some signage and that's all I'll say about that so back off.

I can't even begin to express the sorrow I have for this scene. An awesome foot-cycling bridge over a pristine section of Broad Creek has been closed since residents raised hell, demanding its closure in 1996. Apparently, bullies found their way across the bridge on a regular basis, trashing yards and stealing crap. I asked one resident in the neighborhood why he let the bullies run the show--"don't you want to fish from that bridge, or walk out and enjoy the water?" He said the water is dirty so back off. I said salt marshes smell not because they are dirty but because they are busy cleaning. He said back off again.

This is about as close as any bully will come to seeing Carol Ennser's secret training log.

Pictured here is a super heavy duty camera identical to those used on the back of motorcycles to film pro tour races like the Tour de France. Wes has one wouldn't you know it, and he plans to ride stoker on a tandem filming with none other than Jerry Hadley as his captain. Believe me, we will want to steer clear when that mass of bully (ie, two fearless Clydesdales with a big camera) is barrelling down the road.


Silly said...

Nice post Liz.

Anonymous said...

The construction barrels on Brambleton also create a nice "bully" bike lane over the Smith Creek Bridge between Colley and the Y.

Liz Schleeper said...

I know, right? That new cantilevered lane was opened for what a minute before new construction started. I have bullied the Brambleton option lots.

Jerry said...

great write up. You know I hadn't thought about uploading Tim's picture before his wife found out. I guess that was bad.

Liz Schleeper said...

Jerry, just conjecture. I doubt Jackie spends any time in front of Facebook! I think the mobile uploads are awesome!