Sunday, March 29, 2009

Toe Tear sock review

This is the long anticipated bikevoice sock review. Bikevoice purchases only socks that are under $10 and values a tight grab to the foot, elastic staying power on the ankle, and delayed toe tear. The toe tear here on this Defeet sock took 5 seasons to develop.

Defeet easily ranks #1. Toes don’t tear for at least 4 seasons of regular wear. I have used all of these for over 5 seasons. By the time the toe wears, the rest of the sock is worn, so the toe-to-overall-wear ratio is even. Very important ratio in socks.

Sock Guy takes a distant second. Toes last a maximum of 2 seasons. I stopped purchasing Sock Guy long ago, so the ones I have are from event freebees. The 2-season tear is not too awful, but Defeet has set the bar so high that there is no reason to purchase socks that last half the years. Sock Guy is fine as long as they are free, and their niche seems to selling to event promoters who purchase socks for participants.

A pitiful third is Pearl Izumi. These have awesome grab, but the toe tore after only 1 season. The rest of the sock is like brand new, but the toe-to-overall-wear ratio is way low. It surprises me given Pearl’s usual quality.

Specialized also surprised me by stumbling in last. These winter weight socks didn’t even last 1 winter--½ a season and the toe's torn. I think these cost more than $10 also. Specialized oughta get the technicians who figured out their saddles to work on their sock technology.


Kevin said...

Nice Arch...

Anonymous said...

a good set of toe nail clippers will keep dem sox around a lil longer.......?????