Sunday, March 22, 2009

From Malibu Go Anywhere

Thanks to facebook, I have been recently reunited with the friends of my youth, the "Malibu Girls" pictured here with Stephen. They had a huge influence on my lifelong love of cycling. We did all of our travel by bike back in the day. Most notable were our treks to the beach on beach cruisers. It was 7 miles one way from Malibu to the Boardwalk. We'd carry boogie boards in one arm, sweet tea in the other, and strap the beach towels to the oversized cruiser saddles. Wendy (green) Lisa (tan), Janet and Lee (white shirts) and I rode there extensively, and as you can imagine, we had lots of other motivations besides fitness. Lisa, Lee and I even had paper routes that we worked on first generation cruisers (called "paper bikes") with big baskets. PAPER routes, I tell you, were we industrious or what? Also pictured are Lora (gray), Janie and Kathy (back row).

So I left the Malibu gathering Friday to join Dinsmore, Art and others for Kevin's birthday. Redbones must be the grittiest bar in Chesapeake, and wow, what a voice on the lead singer of the duo Ever After.

Malcolm, Lawson and I may seem like an odd combination, but we were in total sync during our 55-mile Williamsburg ride Saturday. I sucked wheel for nearly the whole ride, coughing out Redbones smoke. No wrong turns, no arrests on the closed road, and Lawson's equipment held together.

I hung out for a bit at the Sleepy Hole Smackdown on Sunday. Pictured here are Ali, Lynn, Sally and Carol. Brenna, Dawn, Sharon and Julie are in there too, Laura off the front. It occurred to me that I have gone from one girl gang to yet another.

That's Brenna, Dawn, Chad, Mike Park and Kevin.

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nPlusOne said...

You girls look way to happy in that pic - not enough hurtin' going on.
I rode the old race course on Saturday too for the first time. What a beautiful route. We took off from Waller's. We couldn't figure out the "No Outlet" sign at the closed road so we bypassed it. What's the deal with that, is it a private road?