Saturday, September 06, 2008

Who would be President?

Tripower's long time president is moving to Denver. Soon to come is a tribute to John. BE NICE, the following is all in fun!

There are several Prez-VP combos that I can imagine. First, Young Mark (left) as Prez would bring youth, enthusiasm and change to the 20-yr-old bike club. He makes strait A's at Princess Anne High and has been to more prestigious bike races as a junior than nearly every adult racer. He is one of only 2 on the team who has a real chance at being pro someday.

Balancing any perceived inexperience is his VP running mate Wayno. As a former SEAL and current contractor for Dept of Homeland security, Wayno brings unquestioned experience in automobile driver-bike rider relationships.

Kevin has nominated himself and virtually unknown running mate Liz Hatch. The ticket is assured the rural vote since Kevin resides in Chesapeake and the impulsive vote since Liz is a hot pro racer. Kevin successfully casts himself as a maverick and has raced longer for Tripower than nearly any other member. If Kevin is elected, Hosang is promised a cabinet position, creating the "Crazy Gate" controversy. No word about Liz moving here if they are elected.

Then there's the Tripower insider and current VP Bill cast with total outsider Rob Tripp. Bill has voted with John 99% of the time, so any discontent with things can be answered by Rob Tripp who goes against the mainstream with soft helmets, fixed gears, singlespeeds and roller derby connections.

Bill can relate to all members who have been wounded in the peloton since he has broken his clavical and hip. He officiates races (often for free), promotes races, and won bikevoice's person of the year in 2006.

Finally, there's the BJ-Dinsmore ticket. BJ is entrenched in Virginia Beach cycling politics, leading rides and entertaining birthday riders at Panera. She is the only member who has won National medals (06-07). She sticks to road riding, so the ticket is balaced by gritty Norfolk all arounder Dinsmore (mtb, cross, road, fixed) who has won 5 Alley Cats and has Virginian Pilot connections. She is a wine expert, he knows beer.

Photo sources: Bob and BJ, Love to Ride

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i heard the Rutledge/D-bo ticket was where itz at.....