Thursday, September 25, 2008

Autumn too soon

John Flora, 1998. I first met John on the old Colley Ave. Bike Shop Saturday ride in Norfolk. He, Susan and I started talking after the ride when we all ended up at Charlie's for breakfast. I have been on some great bike trips with him, including rainy camping trips. I also worked closely with him to promote Tripower's many races over the years.

He has a tremendous gift for diplomacy and for keeping calm. He's the kind of guy who calls when a hurricane is coming to town to check on people. Whenever someone would crash or there was another crisis, he is one of those I would call just to hear his voice and know everything would be ok.

John on his farewell ride 3 weeks ago. He moved to Denver and I already miss him. He has served our team well as president for many years.

John's claim to fame is what Robert calls the "Flora Tuck," refering to his aerodynamic descending tuck that is second to none. I do not know anyone who can descend Wintergreen faster or with more confidence.

Cross is IN. Dinsmore, Brenna, Carol, Dan, Ryan and Jimmy in New Kent County on Sunday.

Zach keeps the campfire going at Todd Lake Campground 2 weeks ago. I did an awesome mt bike ride with Kay Lynn Saturday and then Shenandoah Century with the team Sunday. Hope to do some more camping before it gets butt cold.

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Thanks for the kind words. It has been quite a journey! That farewell ride was fantastic. I miss all the guys and gals already. Be safe out there and look me up when you're out west.

Love, John