Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This Saturday!

This is a must do: "Give me Liberty or Give me Tax" alley cat this Saturday. The cross dressing and scavenger hunting may sound foreign to mainstream cyclists, but I went into my first alley cat last month with an open mind and had a blast! It is as much a thinking sport as crit racing, involves pacing like time trials, the navigation skills of adventure racing and the manuvering of mt bike racing. Wes has published the sites to visit (Liberty Tax locations in Norfolk) so if you do not know Norfolk very well, you can study in advance!


Stormyva said...

WOO HOOO... alley cat on saturday.... make sure that Dinsmore is given LOTS, LOTS, AND LOTS of beer after it's over so I might have a slight chance at not getting lapped by him in the Novice Track Race on Sunday!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hate to say it, but I'm skipping this alley cat. Too much racing going on. Doubt I'll be lapping anyone in any race, however.

Anonymous said...

i should do this one!