Monday, March 17, 2008

Activist Outing

Not a sexy post but important nontheless. I promised myself I would do more to advocate for cycling in my community. An enormous pothole has been planted on Park Ave. in front on Norfolk State University for at least 2 years. It sits in the middle of a major throughfare and bike commuter route. Just standing there for 10 minutes photographing, I counted 2 bikes passing and dozens of cars. Most of the cars busted a gut in the pothole because it's invisible until you're right on top of it. I hit it on my bike last year and about died.

I reported the pothole to City of Norfolk engineers last July during their "full court press" on potholes month. I called in this one as well as the series of holes on Granby Street northbound near Granby High and the series of holes on northbound Granby beneath the I-564 overpass. Nothing has been done to any of the areas.

I figured I'd pass on this link to the city to see if they have some info to share about future plans for Park Ave. and Granby Street.


Kevin said...

you get dem holes fixed and
i will get out there and ride!

Those holes are

"season enders"

Anonymous said...

pass it to the Road Warrioe in the VA Pilot, that should get the attention of some on the City's payroll.

kurtz said...

Couldn't think of any other place to put this invitation.

AlleyCat on Saturday March 22nd.

Details & Flyer:

Spoke Cards:

Best of luck with the potholes

- kurtz

Anonymous said...

you know they`ve got a plan for them roads.....i think a couple city folk own all the alignment shops....

Rob Tripp said...

I think this (pothole) is an opportunity for some aspiring street artist- to go to work on w/ some spray paint-- vandalism and community service in one shot.