Thursday, March 20, 2008

Around Town

I have long had the premonition, or perhaps just fear, of getting shot while I am riding a bike. If this ever does happen, I hope it's the paint ballers in Ipswitch Park who get me and not cross fire from hunting, a domestic dispute or street war.

Ipswitch is the park where you can do all the things that are banned from other parks: paint ball, stunt biking, mountain biking.

SEE Mike Park's Trail Map

The Ipswich kids (I swear they must live in those woods) have been very busy building mounds, diging holes and constructing ramps, half moons, see saws. Quite refreshing to see kids doing the things we used to do as kids. The place is littered with creative projects.

Jerry rolled off this ramp (approx. 10 ft off the ground) and onto a steep A-frame straddling a fallen tree on a CROSS bike. We determined that he has the most "kid" in him perhaps because he has already finished having his kids.

The pothole has been filled! Big thanks to Thomas Johnson with City of Norfolk Public Works for sending his crew to fill all holes on Park Ave from Brambleton Ave. to Va Beach Blvd.


Mike Park said...

There are other "Trail Maps" here
as well as group ride road maps.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot, Liz. Who knows what else will be ready to ride next Wed???

See ya on the Saturday morning "race".


Anonymous said...

jerry`s OLD SCHOOL, he been ridin the swich for a long time......

kurtz said...

Try not to get shot by Paintballs, either.

Thanks so much for coming out Saturday, and many congratulations!

Unknown said...

I noticed they were filled in! I take Park from Waterside Drive to one light south of VA Beach. Those things were scary some days.

It was cool meeting you on Saturday!