Monday, October 01, 2007

Wheew Weekend

Saturday started out with a 3 hour early morning drive to Afton Mountain

Where Susan, Carol and I rode the Parkway and Love Gap ascent (55 miles)

And where the queen of the mountains had time on her hands waiting for us to return.
Got up Sunday promising to take it easy on bike paths with Mike and Sally

But found myself at Va Beach's new criterium course at the Sportsplex doing a crit with cross knobbies

And catching up with high school classmate, Sheri, who was also racing. Left there and rode to Virginia Beach's true Town Center, Boneshakers, located on the bike path network midway between First Landing Park and VB Criterium Course

Where I compared cyclist bandanas to biker bandanas.


Anonymous said...

Susan, you are the Queen!!!
Hou about you Liz, the
Chasing Queen?!

Liz Schleeper said...

No, I'm the Dancing Queen!

JB said...

Dancing at Boneshakers?

I remember a local band that was around here for years called BoneShakers.

Sounds like a good training weekend.

BUT - next year will be ICX training at Michaux, where it should be!