Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fixed Fever

Cross Fever ain't the only sickness goin' round. Sally's caught fixed fever after her Nishiki underwent a face lift by Josh. She and Mike had donated the bike to their church auction, and then they put in a bid to get it back. What a creative way to donate!

Quite the beauty. . . . Sally has 48x16 set up.

It got me motivated to get my Diadora back on the road. I remember falling for the fix, but cross riding has had me preoccupied. After Iron Cross next weekend, I am getting back to it. Mine is 42x16.

Check out this video by Wes of the first Critical Mass Norfolk in recent memory. There will be another one Friday, Oct 26. Big day for the fixed in town.


fire fitness and bikes said...

I was just making a comment to my team that we have neglected the fixed gear this year. I've been on mine a little but need to do it more.

Rob said...

super cool!

Blog Bully said...

You know, they make a shot for that now.

Liz Schleeper said...

BB, are you talking about a shot of something that numbs you to the point that you can feel no love for a fixed gear?! Help us. (Though I can see the benefit in other areas:)