Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stations of (Iron)Cross V

(left, You've got to admit, there are similarities. That's Hosang on left and Jesus on right. Cycling photo by Chuck Armstrong, used by permission.)

If there is a Catholic Hell, I am going there for this one. The stations of my (Iron)Cross:

1. Liz is condemned to death by challenging her teammate, Carol, to compete at Ironcross.

2. Liz receives her number 441 and prepares her cross(bike).

3. Liz falls for the first time on the crawl up. (mile 30)

4. Liz meets Carol as Carol passes on the crawl up. (mile 30.1)

5. Simon of Cyrene does not show up to carry Liz's cross(bike).

6. Veronica does not show up to wipe Liz's face with her bandana.

7. Liz falls for the second time as her front tube suddenly explodes at the top of the powerline crawl up. (mile 31)

8. Liz meets JB who sacrifices a 700c tube after Liz has discovered the horrifying truth that her spare tube was 650c. JB forgives her cussing sins.

9. Liz falls for the third time as she gets caught by FIVE women at the bottom of the last run up. (mile 55)

10. Liz is stripped of 10th place as they all trot past her and as she sees them catch up with Carol.

11. Liz is crucified by the gap left on the run up by the FIVE racers and Carol. (mile 56)

12. Liz dies in the final spiral of death before the finish line where they all await. (mile 60)

13. Liz removes herself from her cross(bike).

14. Liz congratulates Carol at the finish line. She finished 12th, Liz 15th.

(right, Is it possible my bike bag was sabbotaged as we played volleyball at Ironmaster's Hostel? Is that how the 650c tube got in my bag? Naw. . . the only real devil I have ever found is self.)

--Traditional Stations of the Cross.

--Nice iron rendition of Stations of the Cross.

--Race results.

--Ironmaster's Film Festival Feature (K-Dogg, Director)

Michigan and 757 Bloggers who raced Ironcross:
Danielle, Kevin, Dinsmore, JB, Rob Tripp, Winder


JB said...

It must've been punishment for leaving your car idling in the hostel parking lot for 30 minutes the morning of the race.

Don't be a gashole

Tremendous writeup, I really enjoyed reading it.

Although Crazy could be my hero, he doesn't quite match up against the main man. But if he trains just a little harder ....

Marco said...

Great post Liz! I'm sorry no one (besides JB) would give you a tube. Next year I'll bring an extra one for you and give it to you BEFORE the race ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Last person I thought I'd have to check on is you Liz!we'll get it right next time...

chris d said...

You'll burn in heck for that one, Liz. Bless your demented mind.

I'll attribute it to your seething anger at the lack of manners and bonhomie of our fellow riders.

SpeedyChix said...

Great racing with you and Carol. Good times out there.

Another of the Michigan crew.

Liz Schleeper said...

HA, you are right JB, I feel like I am still paying back that debt to Mother Nature. I don't know what got into me when I just left the car running--I think I was busy making sure Rob Tripp was happy with the coffee and oatmeal. I really did not mean to equate Crazy alone with Jesus but all of us who bear the cross bike on our shoulders!

Anonymous said...