Thursday, August 23, 2007

This just in

Our own Gene Rutledge is poster boy for IronCross V to be held in PA in October. Gene is one of the most solid wheels out there, on- or off-road. And if a person's fame (or infamy?) is measured by the number of nicknames he has, then Gene is in a solo breakaway. He will love that I am cutting ties with bikevoice's "Be nice" motto to record a conversation that I transcribed in a paper about cycling blogs:
Kevin then started into a story about how he once received a Trek Grassroots sponsorship back when he worked part time for HDK Bike Shop (now Bike Beat).

“I sent Trek a photo of my sideburns, and said, ‘don’t they look like Travis Brown’ and that they should sponsor me,” Kevin said.

“Who is Travis Brown?” I asked.

Gene jumped in. “He’s an old school pro mountain biker.”

Neat, so what did they give you?” I asked.

Gene jumped in again, “A junky old piece of shit."

Kevin ignored him. “Two road bikes and a mountain bike. It was a pro deal.” I was surprised that in ten years I have been cycling with Kevin, I had never known about the sponsorship.

--from "Small Community Connections" by Liz Schleeper


Marco said...

Our very own Blog Bully is the poster boy for Iron Cross V?

I'll have to get one and have him sign it!

Blog Bully said...

Thanks LIZ! If you gotta be the poster boy for something, it should be something cool like the IC. Better that than back waxing, or man boobs or birth control. I guess I should watch what I say. Never know who's taking notes.

Marco, I'll hook you up with an autograph, Lil Buddy. Tell you finish the IC and I'll even let you take a picture with me.

Anonymous said...

It's ludacris that they'd put you on there... They obviously don't remember they un-sportsmanlike conduct you pulled at the finish last year.
Another year, another team. Keep on chasing the dream.
Mighty Mouse will finish

Marco said...

My only goal is to finish.

I won't be pulling any bullishness at the end either. I'll just ride and try and make it to the finish line.

Anonymous said...

After my time off, maybe Marco can tow me to the finish. I'll need it.

Marco said...

Not only will I help you but I won't ram you at the finish line and give some lame excuse about how it was for something else :-)

Kevin said...

attention everyone! we have a winner! Winder is the winner!
Blog Bully Owned!

Liz Schleeper said...

Marco, it's easy not to pull bullishness at the end. On the crawl up (mile 40 I think) I found it hard to hold back the medieval. I can tell this will be another great year--maybe they will use those posters as the mile post indicators :)

Blog Bully said...

I see you clowns have bene busy while I have been out of internet service and couldn't defend myself.

"That was for suffolk" was the bike throw which I executed flawlessly after hopping over the barriers and running to the finish line overtaking His Hairyness along the fenceline. I never veered from my line. King assclown, however, chose to hop the barriers, remount his bike take two peddle strokes and true to form, throw his arms in the air (like an hour and a half after the first finisher). When he did that, he swerved across my line and into my bike. Bet you never told your tri-minions that part did you?? Careful when you tell the stories Dawg, you're starting to sound like Delusional Mike.

Mark, you won't finish
Whorevath, it's on.
LIZ!, I like that you like pain!

Marco said...

I will finish if for no other reason than to prove you wrong "friend bully"!

chris d said...

I'll bring one of those big rubber bands and either I'll tow Marc or he can tow me.
I can't imagine Kev celebrated like that. Just doesn't seem like him.

Anonymous said...

itz official, i`ve started my training for IRON CROSS....

JB said...

I was sitting down trying to think of all the "one word descriptions" everyone got at dinner the nite before IronCross last year. Should've written those down somewhere .....

Looking forward to it this year.

Good luck at the SM100, kick Phloyds a$$

Jenn said...

I came across your blog and saw this post on the Iron Cross race. I used to be apart of the YBR crew in PA (the people that put this on) before moving to Richmond. They are a great group - so glad to see more people are going out to race it.

gwadzilla said...

good luck this weekend!

good luck to you
good luck to me
good luck to everyone