Saturday, September 01, 2007

Harden up

(left, My colleague and designated runner, Spinella, saved me from a few more complaints.)

I am a positive person. So let me get out all my complaints before this race so I can get back to being positive. The top 4:

4--I went back to work this week. Nuff said.

3--My left crank arm is very stuck. Made it impossible to tighten bottom bracket which has been creaking. Josh said that BB does appear to be tight though.

2--I determined that the primary constant creak that will drive me mad on a long ride must have been coming from lack of grease on the seat bolt. I took care of that all by myself but not until after dropping things and cussing a bit since non-mechanics need 3 hands for that job.

1--My “good” leg is tweaked. I have come to depend heavily on my left leg since I have a lame right let. I managed to get the left one sore from lateral movements in a softball game of all things. I knew playing was not a good idea before a big event, but how could I resist? The history department challenged the English department and I picked up a glove and reached for balls for the first time in over 20 years. I am so grateful to Sharon who suggested that if I was going to play a few days before the event to at least get a designated runner when I bat. I took her advice and am so glad I did because a few sprints to first base would have done me in.

Sharon gave me another piece of advice: As I am riding, remember HTFU. So true.

(left, Sharon is on the line at Amphib Assault with that HTFU look. Photo by JB.)

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Now that's my kind of wrist band.