Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Epic is a 4 lettered word

(left, obviously I missed the stars and stripes memo. Dan said all I needed to do was look at the calendar.)

Epic is not something you plan for. It just happens. Our 61-mile cross ride on pavement and fireroads in James City and New Kent Counties was the perfect ride for me to re-aquaint with my cross bike. I learned lots from our tour guide, Dan:

5. History by Dan: "The settlers arrived in Va Beach and got the hell out because of the bugs."

4. Geography by Dan: "The fire road is coming up any minute." (repeat 5 times)

3. Geology by Dan: He double flatted on the only "bolder" 50 miles east of the fall line.

2. More history by Dan: "Washington, Jefferson, they all smoked pot. That's why they came here."

1. Philosophy by Dan: "What doesn't hurt you will kill you."

Hmm, this was a bit of a bloggers retreat, huh? 4 blogs but only 3 tubes AND 3 flats, imagine that. 7 water bottles and 0 the final hour, not surprising. See Dan, Chris and Kevin's blogs!


Kevin said...

Danbo taught us a thing or two for sure.
You rode really well today!
I came this much closer to riding at Freedom Park!
Chris showed us his new confidence...

Liz Schleeper said...

And don't forget your child-bearing hip!

Anonymous said...

what a great day 4 a bike ride....

Anonymous said...

And here I think I have a way with words. You're Plato to Dan's Socrates.
At least we didn't get lost?

Marco said...

When is the next ride?