Sunday, June 24, 2007

Valleys and Peaks

I heard there are other heroes among us. Steve (left) and Perry (right) tended to injured Sean and Laura respectively in 2 different close pavement encounters (aka "valleys"). Glad to know they are doing well.

I have been sleeping for a week. I have pulled myself outta bed long enough to eat, ride, shower, eat again then back to bed. Wow, I feel GREAT!

Bill n Tim picked me up for our "pick a park" mountain bike ride Wednesday afternoon. We all are doing Shenandoah 100 and need dirt miles. We landed at New Quarter Park in Williamsburg and did loops and had laughs.

I was still in my foggy sleep mode as I pointed out to them that the longest summer day was upon us and how all days march toward death from that point forward. And how, after a person is 21 or so, the body is no longer in build mode, but shifts to death mode, slowly dying, how the body is either building or dying, never just being. (Tim said, "Thanks a lot for telling me that, Liz") It's like peaking for an event over the course of a race season, how before it, the body builds, it peaks for the event (if you're lucky) but then after it, declines. It can only hold the height for that moment, as with most things I guess.

I am working a bike camp this coming week, so I will say good bye to my peak sleep week for the year. (above photos by BJ Samuel)


Kevin said...

That is why I RIDE like theres no tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

That what you call that???

Kevin said...

you're starting to talk like Bo-Bo!

Glad to see and hear everyone is on the mend!

JB said...

Now that would've been a great team at the Crankey Monkey - you three. AND some great training miles!