Sunday, June 10, 2007

Busy but fast

(left, Wayno and Greco compete in Cat 3 State Champ Crit. Greco goes on to win the race of 40 competitors. Photo by BJ Samuel.)

I don't mean to sound corny here, but there are heroes among us. Think of those who have big old jobs, like Wayno contracting for Dept of Homeland Security and Greco working for a law firm, who also have tight (and cool) families with young and happy kids, and still manage to place well in Cat 3 events. I have noticed that Cat 3 is the category where career and family men usually stop, but competing there is pretty demanding since those heading for 1 and 2 have to spend a good chunk of time developing in 3's. Greco won the event yesterday, has two second place finishes and other top 10's this season.

It's just inspiring I guess.


Anonymous said...

we have some amazing teammates!

Anonymous said...

Not to down play any other working, full time parent. I find tremendous inspiration in all that beat themselves up, day in and day out on their trusted two wheeled steeds, to try to compete in the weekend races then go home and take the kiddies off to the beach, move mulch or pack their bags to hit the road on Monday. I am a humbled by the kind words that Liz has put out on this page. Thank Liz and Coffee's on me.

Cheers friends,


Anonymous said...

yes indeed, good work fellas.....