Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Those close ones

I think I know why I slow down so much in the winter. Nothing to do with intensity zones, watts, temperature, building phase. It's about storing energy and blood pressure for watching basketball. A close sprint like Dominguez's win (left top) in Tour of CA Sunday is played out for hours in a trading-points bball game. ODU and JMU women (right top) were in a game-long slug fest for the line, finished only in the last seconds Sunday. It was like a slow motion sprint that ODU took with head down across the line.

I also watched BTW high (bottom left) play earlier this season before they went on to capture the Eastern Regional title Saturday. And there is Laura Van Gilder (MY age) out there hammering against 100 of the best women in the world in Australia this week, only .18 seconds off winning prologue time (bottom right). Class acts, both of 'em.

Even with a busy March coming, I will be in front of the TV, toggling between cycling spring classics and March Madness. My college hoops championship picks: UConn (Women) and Memphis (Men).

Photo sources: Mitch Clinton (Dominguez), Virginian Pilot (ODU), Jason Hirschfield (BTW) and John Flynn (Van Gilder).


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you were a B-Ball fan. I too am trapped in front of the TV this season (broken Fibula) so get to watch College ball every night.
Memphis is a tough little team but I dont think they'll make the final 4...depends on how the brackets shake out.
we'll talk

Liz Schleeper said...

You leg? How? I hadn't heard, so sorry. I know that pain. The bright side is that it's winter not summer I guess! Yes, Memphis has a fight but looking for Cinderella in the finals. I will be in touch.

JB said...

Liz likes roundball!

Someday my alma mater Pitt will make it past the sweet sixteen .... this year looked like it might be the one, but.....

???NL??? <----I'm totally stumped

Anonymous said...

So glad that my favorite Booker made it not only to my fridge, but to your blog!
Hope they did well last night. Regards from Long Beach where it's sunny and 79! Peace, Sally

Kevin said...

WoWeee, did you see that VCU-Gmason game?