Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Both Sides Now

Finally, I cleaned my home office. I uncovered lots of images from the pre-Lance cycling years. First, there were not 300 cyclists out there in Pungo every Sunday like there are now. There were 30 and we all met at the Courthouse. The big goal then was to hang onto Troy, Nancy and John, the fastest trio in the area. John still lives in the area, but Nancy and Troy have since moved to NC. Here is Troy racing with John and Nancy cheering:

Also, back in the day, we camped along Coal Road when mountain biking rather than staying in a Wintergreen condo. Here Lori, Susan and I recover on rocks and logs after doing the Big Levels loop near Sherando: I found images of actual “triathletes” who gave “Tripower” its original name. Derek (rear) and Mark (front) are participating in a Richmond duathlon in Tripower singlets. Mark is actually the guy who started the Amphibious Assault race which is now in its 10th year:
The Presidents of Tripower’s past were also hiding in my office. Pictured below are current prez John (circa 1998), past prez Pat (center) wearing the very first Tripower jersey, and early 90’s prez Mike (right).
Of course there are those I saw and miss very much. Paula (1) lives in Arizona. Little John (3) and Adam (5) were shipped somewhere in Navyland and I have lost touch. Don (2) and Dave (4) are still somewhere in town but we have not ridden together in years:
And pre-Lance pre-Postal, you could get within arm’s reach of George Hincapie. Below, he is racing for Motorola in the same race as Keith Johnson in Burlington, NC ('97). Also, I got my picture taken with him at the top of Grandfather Mountain, NC after Bridge to Bridge:


Anonymous said...

wow, now that sure brings back sum memories......i`ve always wondered about the name.??????????

Marco said...

I must be old because I remember all those folks!

Liz Schleeper said...

Well, If you remember these folks, it means you're old in "bike years." I bet there is some formula that measures the true age of a person based on fitness! Unless of course you have ridden the Tour de France which subtracts years I think!

Anonymous said...

Just read that Don Mann is training to climb Mt Everest next year. He is doing 3 high peaks this year to prepare for Everest next spring.
He's the man !!!

Anonymous said...

first - is Hincapie wearing sneekers in that race???
Next - I still have that jersey Pat is wearing....
And lastly - that's Walter just in front of Troy - as he was apt to do often!