Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Word works

Describe a situation in which your blog somehow changed or determined a behavior or an event.


gwadzilla said...

last year in my first race of the season I was pumped to be racing
but bummed that the Clydesdale Class was racing the beginner distance

feeling spry I took off from the line
I was writing my blog as I rode
already bitching in my head
already looking at the posted results before they happened
was well ahead of my field
just minutes into the race
was stuck behind a long queue of sport racers
when I went over the handlebard and dislocated and broke my index finger

that changed my blog entry
that changed my race
that changed my season and my life

had to get surgery on a broken/dislocated index finger
can not make a fist with my left hand
have five pins and a plate and a very ugly finger

now I try to write my blog entries after the events happen
instead of while they are happening

although I still daydream while I ride
I try to stay focused while I race

but the ADD is such that I can not help but daydream as well

stupid said...

Well I guess it's made me a accountable for what I say I'm gonna do. If I blog that I'm gonna put on or do an event, (as opposed to just thinking about it and leaving it in my head), I will generally do it. There's more followthrough. While I still post the "wouldn't it be cool if..." posts, the ones where I say that I'm gonna do something usually get done. I guess a specific would be putting on a food drive alleycat race. I posted about it, then did it. Got a bunch of food and donated it to the local food bank.

Jason said...

Getting sponsored and writting the blog go hand and hand with how I act at a race. People recognize my sponsors (bikeman.com twinsix.com) and reader recognize me from the blog. I don't want to give my sponors a bad rep or have a reader read my blog and leave a comment like "you know I saw you at "x" race. You were kinda acting like an asshole.


Marc said...

basically on training rides I snap picutres never did that before, I carry the camera a lot more, if I see somethign funny, I want to capture it, or if somethign happens to me, I want to tell that story on teh blog.

stupid said...


Those are a couple of links to info and follow up from last year.

e-mail me and I'll send you a link to this years info.

Jeff Kerkove said...

This takes the cake for personal opinion on a public forum/blog...


StupidBike said...

Reading previous race reports has helped me either repeat something that worked or not repeat something that didn't work, or in the case of a grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup , night before race meal, not repeat something that for some strange reason worked.

Grizzly Adam said...

I will echo Jeff's comments. The firestorm that erupted after he was banned was fueled by other bloggers. It wasn't a witchhunt, but a forum for us to voice our opinion about the ridiculous actions of a race promoter. You can be certain that several racers will never ride in an event with that promoter behind it again.

Blogs are a great resource for product reps, suppliers, frame builders, race promoters, really anyone in the bike industry. They are a pulse on the cycling community. Many times I will get an email or phone call from a sponsor or race promoter asking my opinion on something. Why? Not because I have great wisdom or insight, but because I read a lot of blogs and know what others are thinking.

On a more personal level, my blog has created a certain accountability in my training. For whatever reason I feel that If I don't get out and train then I am going to have to answer to my readers. The funny thing is, I am not always even sure that there are any readers! If I perform badly in a race, I think "what will I tell them?" It sounds silly, and it probably is, but that feeling of accountability has really kept me focused as I work toward my specific goals.