Tuesday, August 08, 2006


How has a cycling blog(s) other than your own influenced you?


gwadzilla said...

the cycling blogs have effected me as a person on many levels

I see the blogs from all over the country and all over the world

blogs in Colorado, Alaska, Canada, and Europe with images made me think...
wow.. what cool places!
then I realized
my city is cool too
I share the image of my everyday life with them
sure the city is background to the the cyclist
it is still the city

that is one way

they have inspired me to have pride in my city and to use my camera (and photoshop)

gwadzilla said...

and of course
hearing about other riders on their bikes
makes me want to get on my bike

reading about Fatmarc and his crew in the Delaware area makes me want to ride my bike more


reading the blogs from other cycling dads
makes me realize it can be done

balancing the bike with with work, life, and family

stupid said...

The influance has suppriseingly (sp) been more on the experience of cycling. Reading of other riders adventures, accomplishments, victories and defeats give me inspireation to find more joy in cycling. In the locations ridden. That raceing can be like when we were kids and saying "first one to wherever is the winner!" Even the product (and company) blogs that pitch the lustfulness of new product can inspire rather than pursuade a purchase.

However, reading blogs and viewing the fixed gear gallery convienced me to finally build a fixed gear bike. Something I wanted to do for a while, but just never went past the "wouldn't it be cool if..." stage in my head. At least till I read about others zen like riding experiences and viewing others bikes.

Jason said...

Jeff Kerkove's blog got me started and inspires.

Jason Sagers for the humor.
Nick Martins.

Adam Lisonbee's is well written and photgraphed.

John B's help me stay focussed on the love for all things two wheeled.

They all do SOMETHING for me. FatMarc, Buddy, they all bring SOMETHING to inspire me to want to write and ride more.


Marc from Human Resources said...

Gwadzilla introduced me to the world of blogs. I'd have to say that I am inspired. Through blogs I am able to meet people, and look into their lives for a bit, all the while having something to connect with. Mainstream cycling media covers the pros, this is much more grass roots, provides me something familar for me, somethign I can connect to, some dudes or chicks like me struggling to work, have a live and race. Some dudes or chicks who may have done the same event as I, but who have had another entire experience than I did. I have made a number of friends thru my blog. I would also so that there isn't a magazine out there that really speaks to what I care about in cycling, blogs provide that platform. I read intently, because it is easy for me to connect to...


Grizzly Adam said...

I have been influenced in several ways. It is great to read what other racers are up to. I have gotten training ideas, nutrition ideas, equipment tips...you name it, it is on other riders minds.

Blogs are really the best resource out there for picking up on information in the cycling world. Around Interbike time they are full of new product info from people posting from the show. Race results are often posted long before the official websites get them up, photos, reports, stories...they all are posted from people who were not just in attendence, but actually participated in the different events.

Rob said...

I remember the Single-Speeds Anonymous web site and how cool it was to see who was involved at the time. The downside to it was that the only thing you could tell about the members (each represented by a Simpson character) was what bike they where currently riding, what color nipples they had and what their favorite beer was. After a while a calander was added in which you could post a local ride or event on, so it became more interactive, but sadly enough, it was just too anonymous for most people and now it's gone- but, I still think it was a good effort in trying to get people together. The Blog thing is way cooler than a roll call web site, much more interactive and limitless as far as the content you can add and it is certainly immediate. If something happens and you want to talk about it, you can put it right out there.