Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Maslow's Hierarchy

The picture here that I stole from John's Blog tells a story. This pyramid was constructed during one of the many tire repair stops on Sunday's ride in Pungo. Based on the median age of those pictured, one may assume it was 12 year old Zach's idea (see boy on top) to do something fun to fill the time. Nope--Zach was plucked up and thrown on top. >>>>>>>>>

After this pyramid stop, John got his fifth flat. I was in food deficit, so under the guise of getting Zach back to his mom, I left the group with kid in tow. We met up with Bill and all agreed it would be best to keep moving instead of waiting for the group so as to get Zach home.

On the road back to Laskin Conte's, I was glad to be liberated from the flats delays in the main group. I showed Zach some gearing techniques and pondered how an act can be selfless and self serving all at once. But then Bill avoided the most direct route back by pulling out his safety checklist--no Oceana Blvd since we had Zach--detour onto Prosperity Road since we had Zach--Atlantic Ave trolley lane since we had Zach. I had never heard the words "safe" and "Atlantic Ave" used in the same sentence. Geez, the kid had just been in a tight paceline for 50 miles with 20 others on narrow, truck-laden roads.

Like a good parent who does not argue with the other in front of the kids, I agreed to this longer route even though it defeated the purpose of my flight from the group. By now I was starving, but it was pretty hard to get whiney in front of a 12 year old who went on to complete his first 60-mile ride.


Anonymous said...

Maslow's Hierarchy? Liz, you've been hanging out in academia too long!

JB said...

Still quite amazed that everyone stopped to help the dork with all the flats. Final count was 4 "rolling" flats, 7 inner tubes used (3 blew up upon inflation), and too many CO2's to count. A humbling and somewhat embarassing situation. I owe you all big time.

I like the Maslow analogy, and might have to work with that one for a bit.

I rode the same route all the way out to Benefit and the TT course yesterday. Solo, not even a cell phone. No flats or mechanicals. I did bring 3 spare tubes and a hand pump.

Hope you have a great ride at the MoM. I guess I'll have to wait one more year before turning those mountions from mystery into misery.

Tammy said...

That is hilarious! Next organized ride I do where we have to stop for a flat... I'm INSISTING on the human pyramid :)

Liz Schleeper said...

Aca--Academia? But this theory is so useful and applicable that it has left the towers and taken to the streets. BJ was "self actualizing" because her (latent?) dream of having typically uptight crowds (road riders) rediscovering childhood was realized. Hosang was "achieving" because he worked so hard on all those darn tires that one finally took. JB felt sense of "belonging" because everyone stopped for him. Zach was able to "self actualize" by finishing so many miles only because we (especially Bill) took care of the "safety" level in the middle. And I was obstructed from fully appreciating any of it since I was "hungry" at the bottom.

Liz Schleeper said...

Tammy, hope you can make it to the east coast to ride sometime. "Pyramid" is now being used as a verb fyi, eg "We should pyramid to fill this extra time."

Unknown said...

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