Sunday, May 14, 2006

Call Your Mother

(left Jon and Janice say farewell. Photo by BJ Samuel)

Call your mother--if she's at home, that is. Janice is somewhere in West Virginia this Mother's Day after starting on her cross country cycling trip Friday. She and Jon will return to England after their 60 day trek from Virginia to Oregon which we can follow on their web travel log. The log is already a delight and they are only 3 days in.

Janice leaves herself and bike behind in the pilot photo for the forthcoming nude calendar. Of course I am committed to keeping this photo from public view, but I could not resist showing this snip of the photo and giving a hint: the waterbottle here is an important prop. >>>>>>>>>>
(photographer Wes Cheney)

In other Mother news, BJ enjoyed the coveted front page Mother’s Day article in Virginia Beach’s Beacon today. Who else but mother, grandmother, garden club secretary, decorator, and dominant competitive cyclist BJ even had a chance at that spot?

(left, BJ poses with her Cannondale time trial bike. Photo by Bob Samuel, Virginia Beach Beacon, 5/14/06)

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