Sunday, April 23, 2006


Julie (left) and John (right) ran in the 110th Boston Marathon last week. What an experience that must have been, from the qualifying to the finish. They both finished several minutes slower than their best marathon times, so I promised Julie a poem:

So there they are pictured with John's cyclist (who is he anyway) and me (Julie's cyclist) on the relay teams at VA Duathlon earlier this month. Both these Running Etc teams won the men and women's relays, and what a great competition. John's team edged out 2nd place by 3 tenths of a second and Julie's team won by a mere 32 seconds. In both cases, their run times were key to the win since John's cyclist and I were both beat by 2nd place teams' cyclists. Julie's first leg 5k was a PR 20:41 for her.

1:27:32.30 Running Etc. 1:27:32.60 Running Frogs (Men's Relay)

1:37:59.85 Running Etc. 1:38:31.95 Two L’Fers (Women's Relay) Full Relay results

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