Sunday, April 16, 2006

More publicity rides

Now ain't that the truth.
Kevin is front left center at CCC last weekend. >>>>>

(from "It's a day at the races" by Nicole Morgan. Photo by Gary C. Knapp, Virginian Pilot, 4/10/06)

What do you say to an Olympian?

If Michellie Jones was willing to ride in the rain among unfamiliar wheels, I could not miss the opportunity to attempt conversation. I went blank as I rode along side her, so I found a variant of weather small talk: "So, what type of weather do you compete best in?" thinking that she would start trash talking humidity or sub-freezing temps. Michellie said, "I like it all, I do well in anything." She sure told me. Certainly her resume would agree, I thought.

"Wow, great, so where is your next triathlon?" I asked, hoping to talk about the weather in whatever location that would be. "San Diego in May," she said. Weather in San Diego--hmm, obviously this conversation was finished.

I am grateful that Charles, David and Julie hosted Michellie. What a great ride.

(photo by Bill Tiernan, Virginian Pilot, 4/16/06)

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