Monday, February 20, 2006

Silver Style

It's about being good enough to take a fall I think. Lindsey fell and still placed 2nd. Not too bad in a sport where it wouldn't have been true gold if she hadn't used her 3 second advantage to add style.

Take Shaun Palmer, a guy who pioneered snowboard cross. He was on the downhill mountain bike circuit for years, and I saw him up close in the 1997 World Cup downhill race at Massanutten, VA. Susan and I stood at this steep, narley part of the course watching the racers. Shaun barreled down that mountain at a ridiculous speed and crashed right at our feet. He tumbled and was battered between rocks and trees for probably 20 feet. He sprung up, remounted and proceeded down on a blown tire.

His 29th place was more impressive to me than first place--sure don't remember who won first. Maybe 1st place winner's speed was more conservative, but Shaun always pushed downhill mt biking (and all his sports) to new levels. That's what Lindsey just did. 2010 gold winner will have no choice but to add style.

Lindsey can be sure the footage and the talk will propel her to a place that even gold can't touch. (photo source:

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