Thursday, February 09, 2006

Flagpole Knob

(at right, Beneline descends from Flagpole Knob on some of VA's best singletrack.)

Superbowl Sunday ride highlights:

1--Riding with Nick who was visiting from England.
2--Being in a slugfest with Sally and Carol to reach the top of the mountain. Sally crowned queen of mountain.
3--Heading down a black diamond descent with hands that couldn't feel brakes.
4--Alan's battery operated shoe heaters and Sally's everlasting hand warmers and Carol's ancient handwarming methods.
5--Photo op with Sue Haywood, professional mountain biker.
6--Finally meeting Mike, the guy who collided with a black bear last summer.
7--The sun, the wind, the trees and no ice!

(below l-r, Paul, Nick, Liz, Carol and Sally stay low at Flagpole Knob, highest point in Rockingham County, VA.)

Photos from Shenandoah Mt Bike Club


Kevin said...

Somethings missing! Not the Dog, he was in sunny Fla... Where's the SNOW???

Liz Schleeper said...

I forgot to say Kev that it was snowing during the hour long climb up the mountain. Surreal--very sunny with very high winds (25 mph)and snow blowing without ever seeming to reach the ground.