Monday, December 19, 2005

Team in Civies

Why do these folks have front row seating at Sally's MS graduation from ODU? Well, Sally was on a bike ride during the short window of time she was supposed to be reserving graduation seats for her parents and friends. By the time she called the seats were all gone. An unnamed someone had to tap some unnamed sources to get them front row VIP seating.

I wonder if the newspaper photographer knew he was capturing Melissa Rice (far right), a world class rower who competed in 2005 FISA World Championships in Japan and who is joining the 2008 US. Olympic team in Philly in just 2 weeks. No less significant, Janice in the photo will be cycling across the USA beginning this May, Jo-Anne just bought a hybrid Cannondale and Pete pulls my tail around on the Saturday rides. I am sure Sally planned all this. (Photo by Jason Hirschfeld, featured in Virginian Pilot, December 19, 2005)


Anonymous said...

You write so eloquently Schleeper.

larc said...

hiya liz
never knew we had such great folks attending graduation at ODU. the extra data on who is in the pilot photo sure is cool.

it's also excellent to see that the blog is still rolling along.

the rumor is that book with our essay about the final_exam blog may be out sometime next year. i'll keep you posted.


Liz Schleeper said...

So glad to hear of the essay. Your class is definately what got me started blogging! I need to get a camera now to work on the all-important blog images.