Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Donate Bikes and Invites

You haven't ridden a bike until you have had to ride a bike. Wes Cheney, a local cyclist, donates his time every Saturday morning to fixing bikes for cyclists who are dependent on bikes for transportation. He writes about how he got started in this outreach on his travel blog. Currently, he is accepting donations of full bikes that so many of us have sitting around so that he can meet the demand of those who need them. You can contact him from his website.

If you have any ambition around here, you ride a bike rather than watch time pass dealing with HRT buses. It has been proven that it takes less time to bicycle from VB Oceanfront to downtown Norfolk than to travel by HRT. This is true of many 10-20 mile stretches.

It's a very different experience to depend on a bike for transportation. Everyone in cars appears to be inside incubators. The colder it gets, the more odd people think you are. People congratulate the spandex and balaclava types who willingly commute, but those forced to commute are often treated similar to how homeless are treated. Invite them to your parties--they won't mind riding to your house.

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