Sunday, December 11, 2005

Super Sally Part 2

I'm back. Been cold. No time to ride in the afternoon so I am glad Sally lives close by and rides with me at 0'dark hundred (5am). Roads are clear and the bike commuters are strange. At first none of them would say hi since I guess they thought we'd never keep this up. Now at least they grunt at us. I have arrived at home a few times with first stages of frost nip. Fun stuff.


Captain Caveman said...

dear god you are ON the road by 5am? what time do you get up?
how is school going?

Liz Schleeper said...

yea, Adam, and I hope to see you out there soon! Sally is the only one who has ever stuck w/ me through such early morning madness. Foot of Granby St bridge, 5am, be there.