Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ditch Detour

(at left, Steve, Paul and unidentified Pilgrim grace the annual T-day ride. Photo by BJ Samuel)

Great 48-mile ride today without the usual T-day bluster. Brent took a little detour into a Pungo ditch where cool deep water, mud and Spartina cushioned the fall. Everyone around him stayed upright, and his bike opted not to go in ditch so it stayed dry. Conte's sag was right there to scoop up him and bike, so blowing heater dried him out. I am thankful he swam up so quickly and could laugh about it.


Zakar Alpha said...

nice outfits... visit my site and vote on the pole!

Jill Homer said...

Great picture! Where in the world did you get that little Pilgrim guy?