Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Cure 'de Bonk

The blessing and curse of being around athletes is that there is no place to conceal bad habits. We did another set of hill repeats in Williamsburg Sunday. Carol has 3 hills scoped out and on the return of a timed 3-hour ride, we hit the climbs at full speed, recover then repeat. What fun, but the last 2 weeks I have been heavily bonked on the 5-mile cool down return. This prompted me to babble about living wills, not a good topic since Sally and Mark surged ahead so that I would drop off their wheels, leaving me no decent draft.

Carol got right to the point: what have you been eating lately? Well . . . I did not have to say much because Mandy seemed clued in to one of my dinner dishes--Wendy’s single w/ cheese, mayo and extra tomatoes. There was a quick interrogation of what I eat for lunch daily (school cafeteria food) and breakfast (coffee and coffee) and of what I have in the refrigerator (umm). Recommendation: go grocery shopping.

Later, Food Lion greeted me with the smell of produce and the easy listening sounds so out of place in my Norfolk neighborhood. I filled one cart alone with just the (de) hydrating necessities (milk, half-n-half, Fresca, orange juice, cranapple juice, Gatorade, and wine) and stuff to clean up after cooking (Pine Sol, Cascade, bleach, green scratchies). I was going to split the 2nd cart into carb, protein and fat sections, but I could not remember the percentages. Feeling much better now.

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