Sunday, June 01, 2008

Down wind

(left, Hosang, Young Mark, Brian, Tim, Tom on Lesner Bridge.)

Pain, heat and wind were the words for Saturday. I pedaled with Dinsmore from Norfolk to the Conte's ride in Virginia Beach. The ride is hard enough for me without adding beginning and ending miles, so I dragged behind the group even more than usual so as to make it the entire way.

I wondered if my true place wasn't underneath the Lesner Bridge with these guys and not struggling to sprint up the bridge with the cyclists!

Added bonus was having Melissa on the return trip to Norfolk. She is a former pro rower and Dinsmore rowed in college, so I made it clear that their moral responsibility to the weak was to row me home. The only time I got up front was to take this photo.

Southwest winds were pushing at 18mph with 25 mph gusts. High temp 89.

88 miles, 4:56


Anonymous said...

Melissa was pulling us both around by the end there heading back to Norfolk. Nothing like having a world class athlete dragging you when the wind is blowing 20mph in your face. In the end I got 84 in just under 4:30.

Liz Schleeper said...

Ha, Chris, is it possible that I lost over 20 min to you during the various portions of Conte's ride? I guess I should answer that--YES--before you do!

Anonymous said...

I probably started from home a little earlier than you did.