Thursday, June 12, 2008


I am working a very cool summer program in Chicago until August. It was hard leaving the Monday night ride knowing that I would not see two individuals for a very long time, if ever again. They will be gone by the time I return.

James Bender (left) is resigning his Navy commission and going into the MBA program at Berkeley Business School. His acceptance to Berkeley was recently made especially sweet with a full ride Maxwell scholarship funded by PowerBar. Read about it on his blog. James also won the VA State Crit (Cat 3) that we promoted this past Saturday. Lots about the race on local blogs.

The half-my-age-love-of-my-life Tom (left) will also be heading to California. His Navy enlistment ends this summer, and he and his wife will move to Davis where they are buying a home and where Tom will attend UC Davis. He will pursue an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering.

So this week I have helped organized a race (Saturday), shut down one job (school over for summer), and prepared work for a new job and temporary move. I finally turned yesterday to reflect upon my race looming this Saturday. As if answering prayer, this sign beckoned me into the Herbal Pharmacy on Granby Street. I went inside:

"Who wants to hear my problem?" I blurted.

"I can help you," said the prophet.

"I bike race and I am slow. What can you do?"

"It sounds like you got cold blood."

"Nothing I haven't been told before."

"This will warm up your blood. Take it along with strait liquid Iron."

"Something needs done, but I can only deal with changes incrementally. Just gimme the potion and I'll look into the Iron later."

So begins my first try with supplements. . . !


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks like something that will also double your kung fu powers!

Anonymous said...

Well Liz, the-twice-my-age-love-of-my-life, thanks for the nice post. I've thought about last Monday night's ride for the last seven days. I wish I had known that not taking you up on your offer for a brewsky might cost my not seeing you again. This though saddens me. I feel like a owe a lot to you. It seem, that I am left with the diplomatic duty of spreading the love of cycling to another, as you did for me. Sort of "pay it forward." I'm going to miss you. I hope your course is going well.