Thursday, October 25, 2007

Team got backbone

We had our women's annual team dinner last night at Bardo in Norfolk. It was a great time to honor our 3 Virginia Best All Around winners and our team captain who just upgraded to Category 2.

It was also a time to honor the women who do much of the race promotion work for the team. Susan (top left) has been the race director for the region's most prominent bicycle race (Norfolk Cycling Classic) for 6 of the 7 years it has happened. Sandy (top right) works the whole day for at least one event a year to support the team and her racing son, Young Mark.

Katrina (bottom left) organizes the volunteer tasks and schedules for the Norfolk Cycling Classic, a daunting life-sucking job I can assure you. And Lisa is the expert at producing the race results for most all our events (usually 3 per year), along with other area teams' events.

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Kevin said...

Alongside every great man, is a great woman! I am very fortunate to be alongside many great women! Cheers to you all who make things happen and happen to make me very proud!