Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5 Days of Halloween

5--I knew the Halloween countdown had started Saturday when Matt was applying sutures in the field at Chimborazo Cross Race. Sally hit the gravel on her last lap and the bloodsuckers swarmed in.
4-- Sunday at Cilismo Cross, I checked out Frankencross, Art's pieced together cross bike. He claims Dan gave him the cadaver, but we all know he got it from a graveyard. I love the recycled look and the industry of scronging around for cable stops and a 1 inch fork.

3-- Speaking of bloodsuckers, the Y pulled me in Monday out of the season's first chill. I joined back for the winter, though the $57 per month will have me there only through March.

2--Tuesday night we practiced cross at Mount Trashmore where Wiccans were gathered for what appeared to me to be an early Halloween. I tried not to do the barriers and run up in rhythm with their drum beat, but I could not help myself. (Shawn and Jimmy are in the foreground.)

1--On Halloween, the darkness overcame two of our light systems on the Wednesday night ride. Mine died in the Ipswitch trail, so Lori (left) gave me one of her 2 lights, and Tom's light (right) also died, so Starkey lent his spare. Sally, Mike and I tried to catch the Inaugural Norfolk Alley Cat race, but we missed the start. I later about hit Dinsmore (rather he about hit me) as he sprinted past my car. I figured he must have been in the race, and I heard that he won.


chris d said...

Sorry about that Liz. I saw your car and figured if there was anyone safe to cut off, it might be you. Besides, I had plenty of room.

Sorry you missed it. It was fast and a blast.

Liz Schleeper said...

Oh, Chris you had plenty of room! I was just jealous that I missed the start. Who would have thought that an Alley Cat race would start ON TIME??