Sunday, October 02, 2011

Back to it

I did my first race since the spring today, Frogs on the Farm cross race in Chesapeake.  Nice that there is a 40+ Women's category this year which was very competitive but not crazy blow your doors off pro fast either.  I got 5th out of 10 which was actually my goal going in. 

I guess it will always be hard to explain how much fun competing can be.  It's a excercise in preparation, discipline, focus, persistence and that rush of hunting and being hunted.  I hope there are photos available of Mary Ann Snavely and me racing because she became my nemisis du jour--everyone has one nearly every race.  She passed me late in the race and ended up 3rd, me 5th.  I got a few shots of the mens 35+ and 45+ races:

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