Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mountains of Misery 2011

This weekend, I completed my 7th Mountains of Misery century with a slow time (8:30) but a contented soul. It was the hottest year that I have ever participated in this grueling event, but that did not stop first timers and teammates Anette Johnson, Dai Roberts, Todd Miller, Mike Carhart and Bethany Cahill from doing a great job!

It appears that Dai, with a time of 6 hours flat, was a top 10 men's finisher for the day. In fact, I am not sure if any Tripower guy has ever finished that quickly. Jim Dunham said he and John Flora finished in 6:01 back in 2011, but it's not a perfect comparison since the course has changed since then.  The ride now starts in Newport whereas in the early days, it started in Christiansburg.

Anette tore it up with a 6:39 time. I think that may be a Tripower women's record. Last year, Sally and Brenna finished in the 6:50 range.

Todd Miller finished with a 6:54.  I have yet to meet Todd but from what I know, this is his first year racing and doing challenge centuries like Mountains of Misery.

Mike Carhart completed the double metric (120 miles) century in 9:17. I think others have done this ride with the Tripower jersey (Wayno? Justin Samuel?) but not sure of their times.

Bethany set a goal to complete 70 of the 100 miles and did just that.  At the 70 mile point, the ride swings back past the parked cars at Newport Rec Center, so that's where she completed the day.  She has been riding for a few years, but not huge miles.  She completed her first 100 in the flats 2 weeks ago by completing the Knott's Island Century. 

I met two NCVC riders, Tim and Cynthia, on the ride.  I could tell as they passed me at about mile 30 that they were experienced riders that were setting a reasonable pace.  I tagged on the back and asked Cynthia if I could stay with them for a while.  She agreed, and I realized soon after that Tim was setting the pace of the day and did not expect help from either of us.  A Northern Virginia resident, Tim told me that he'd been "avoiding mountains all his life" and that he recently started trips to the hills to prepare for a trip to the Pyrennes.  I could tell that they'd drop me on John's Creek Mountain (mile 60), so I bid them farewell at that point.  But as I grinded up the climb, I passed them back as they fixed a flat. 

I did not see them again until the last climb of the day, the ass-kicking brutality of Mountain Lake.  Tim passed me first at the bottom.  Cynthia passed me with 2 miles to go and we died together at the finish.  As it turned out, I actually crossed the line with another NoVA resident, a cool guy whose name I wish I could remember.  He said that I kept him motivated which made me happy.  He started in a different wave from me, so his time is different than mine even though we crossed the line at the same time as Elizabeth, Anna and Madeline Carhart cheered us in.

As much as I enjoyed (and hated) the main event Sunday, I think staying at Jean Troutman's house in Peairsburg will be what I really remember about the weekend. Jean, Carol, Bethany and I relaxed in style at the Troutman's country house which has the best sunrise and sunset views imaginable.  Memorial Day weekend has become one of my favorite holidays thanks to Jean's hospitality.  Most of the cycling photos below were taken during the laid back Wilderness Road Ride on Saturday, our stay at Jean's, and images of an overstuffed bike shop on Main Street in Radford. 

http://www.cyclingdoubleheader.com/2011-mountains-of-misery-results   Results link for all riders 2011.

http://bikevoice.blogspot.com/2010_05_01_archive.html   My previous finish times


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