Sunday, April 03, 2011

4 down 31 to go

Bethany and I have a goal to visit most of Virginia's State Parks in 18 months.  DCR is celebrating 75 years of state parks which were launched in response to putting people to work during the Great Depression.  Communing with all the parks would not be a difficult thing to do in a state that isn't over 500 miles from East to West with us living in the easternmost corner.  I think we will fly into Bristol and rent a car to hit all those on the western tip!Anyway, the meat and potatoes local ones have been easy to knock off:  First Landing, Chippokes last weekend and York River and False Cape this weekend.

We rode through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge to access the remote False Cape State Park. At right, Bethany rides a wooded trail near an old church steeple, one of the few remains of a community of 300 who lived there late 1800's.

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